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Benchmarking Pro has several tools that will be the solution for Transfer Pricing Benchmarking

Comparable Company Search

It only takes a few minutes to find the right data for your benchmarking study using a comparable company search tool.
In just five steps, you must select the appropriate criteria, filters, and information for your analysis :

  1. Analysis Data Source of Analysis

Apply your search criteria to the sample that is relevant to your analysis.

  2. Analysis Adjustment

The sample will be filtered with financial data and ratios based on the purpose of the analysis.

  3. Manual Acceptance/Rejection

Choose companies that are relevant to your analysis and reject companies that do not meet your requirements; you can also include reasons why you rejected and accepted companies.

  4. Transfer Pricing PLIs

Choose the best method for calculating your arm's length price.

  5. Analysis Report

Summarize your analysis from start to finish. displays the detailed results of the benchmarking study analysis based on the strategy and calculations that you specify. can be exported to excel and distributed to tax authorities or clients.

Credit Rating Tool

Loan Agreement Search

Comparable Service Search

Royalti Search

Tools from Benchmarking Pro will process millions of Kartbes company data quickly so you will be able to focus on more important things

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