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We make your decisions based on data

What we do

We process company information around the world to help you understand the state of your company's ecosystem

More than 10 Millions Report

Global Vision

We capture company information globally to ensure that your strategy and decisions are right

Evaluate The Past And Predict The Future

In today's business, there is a need for certainty of the feasibility of decisions and strategies to advance the business as well as risk mitigation and what is needed to do this is data.

More than 10 Millions Report

We understand your problem

Your Problem

It is difficult to find complete, accurate and reliable data sources. Of course, manually searching for company information from around the world means that your work will not be as effective as if you want to collect so much data when running services and products.

Our Solution

We have national and international company finance databases and process them with business intelligence technology to be integrated so that they become efficient application according to your needs

Complex Combined With Simplicity


Easy access will make your work more efficient so that it can improve the quality of your work. All kartbes application is web-based, which means that all your activities can be used anywhere and on any device without having to download and update application.