We are credible

We have enough experience and we've learned the value of data so deeply that we have the capability to deliver information that fits your company's needs. Kartbes has information on public companies from 60 exchanges and private companies from all over the world so that you can figure out the opportunities and risks of corporate development. Data accuracy is expensive because it will have a profound impact on decision-making.

There for your company's growth We are present as a data infrastructure company because Kartbes has a passion for data collection and use, the solutions we present come from customer ideas and we will provide full service to our customers the best.

The solutions that we provide will help your company to help a company to develop, especially as the basis for making company decisions in the future. We are very happy because all we do is help the company to achieve its targets in efficiency, growth, revenue, expansion, and risk management.

We capture data from regulatory and other sources
Company Overviews Original Documents
Company Financials Shareholders
Company Profiles Related-Parties
Corporate Actions Subsidiaries
Industry Codes ESG Risk Info
Directors/Commissioners, managers and Contacts Financial Strength Data
Rating Agency Forecasting and Analysis
Contract And Agreements Research and Publications

4 Steps how we organize data

We seek worldwide company reports from official stock exchange and collaboration with the best database companies.

After we search for company reports, we archive to the database the reports we have searched for and selected.

We process raw data from data providers in the form of report documents, and we standardize company reports from around the world into a single standard that all readers can understand in detail.

Kartbes has technology and systems for compiling and processing data to be easy to use for end customers. We make application for research and analysis, benchmarking, and others to make it easier to use the data we have.